BY submitting an Order through the, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Agreement. It is strongly advisable, and it is the Customer’s sole responsibility, to read the Agreement before submitting any Order. In addition, reserves the right to change the terms of the Agreement at any time. Any such changes will be deemed to have taken effect when posted on the website

To submit an Order, the Customer must create an Account on the reserves the right to cancel any Order and close an Account, in case the Customer breaches the Account creation terms as set out in the Site Terms of Use.

The Products made available through the are either sold by or the Venders. Products sold by Venders may be subject different terms in addition to the ones specified to them in the Agreement. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check those different terms before submitting its Order of such Products.

The Customer agrees to pay the full amount for the Product as indicated in the Product Description at the time of the Order receipt on the website, in addition to any installation and shipping charges or other charges that may be applicable to the Order. While aim for that all prices of the Products to be accurate at all times, it is possible that errors may occur. If an error in the price of Products was discovered, will at its sole discretion either (1) inform the Customer as soon as possible and give the Customer the option of reconfirming its Order at the correct price or canceling such Order or (2) cancel the Order and process the refund in case the payment was already made by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that this is the sole recourse that the Customer is entitled to in case of a pricing error.

All prices are shown in Kuwaiti Dinar, shipping and installation charges, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Agreement.

Once the Order is successfully submitted and accepted on the website, the Customer will receive an Order confirmation via email with the Order details. The Customer acknowledges that may not retain all Order details, therefore, it is advisable for the Customer to retain the Order details and the email confirmation for its record.

The risk of loss and damage of the Products shall pass to the Customer upon the first attempt of delivery of the Products to the Customer’s address as specified in the Order. The title of the Products shall remain with or the Vender (as the case may be) until the payment of the Product is made and received in full. X-cite reserves the right to cancel any Order at any time before dispatching the Order.

The Marketplace offers several types of payment, such as via KNET, VISA, Mastercard. The applicable type of payment for an Order will appear at the last stage before submitting the Order.

In case of payment via card, whether at the time of Ordering or delivery, by placing an Order, the Customer authorizes or its third-payment payment processer to process and validate the card details for the amount of the Order. To ensure that the card is not being used without the Customer consent and to validate the card and the Customer’s details, the will direct the Customer to the payment gateway page that will ask the Customer to enter its card details as required by the payment gateway operator. Furthermore, the payment gateway operator may validate the card details along with other information provided by the Customer against the payment gateway operator databases.

Responsibility to validate the Customer and its card information, and to rightfully authorize the transaction deducting payments from the card lies with the respective payment gateway operator and /or the issuer bank of the card and as per their terms and conditions. is not liable for any losses or damages occurring out of fraudulent transactions happening due to attacks or breaches on any payment gateway operator, attacks or breaches on issuer banks, or due to Customer’s card details, PIN verification details, password verification details or any other details authorizing purchase on the payment gateway being acquired by persons of malicious intent or persons who may not be the rightful owners of the card.


from time to time and as part of promotional activities, We may, at its sole discretion, issue discount coupons to Customers that hold Accounts on the, which can be redeemed solely by the Account owner, or apply discount or promotional sales for certain or all Products sold by on. The discount coupons and the discount or promotional sales may have additional terms to be applicable aside from the one stated in this Customer Terms; and in case of any inconsistency between this Customer Terms and the additional terms, the latter shall prevail unless decided otherwise by

Unless otherwise stated in writing, the discount coupons are redeemable only for the Products sold by on the Marketplace. Furthermore, the discount coupons are valid during the promotional periods for which they are issued as indicated in their terms.

Discount coupons cannot be partially used, used twice. Only one Discount coupon can be used reserves the right to suspend, stop or exclude without any advance notice, the use of one or all discount coupons on special promotions that it offers on the from time to time.

The below events or items are excluded from warranty coverage for LCD, Plasma TVs, DLP Projectors and LDP TVS:

  • A) The mechanical failure resulting from the improper installation, tampering with components or software/firmware update by an unauthorized repair center.
  • B) Physical damage to any part of the TV for any reason including but not limited to water or moisture damage, improper usage of the Product, dropped Product, collision with another object, transportation damage, damage to the outside casing, abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, accidents, collapse, spillage of any kind, fire, flood, corrosion, rust, sand, dirt, lightning, freezes, storms, theft, intentional or accidental damage.
  • C) Mechanical failure of any part of the TV resulting from physical damage to the TV, abuse, neglect or spillage, battery leakage, intentional or accidental damage, electrical service, environmental conditions.
  • D) The lifetime of lamps & CRTs; dimming lamps; exploding lamps, weak CRTs, in addition to the incorrect installation of an incorrect lamp in a DLP, LCD rear projection TV, or LCD projector.
  • E) Televisions with removed or altered serial/model numbers.
  • F) Plasma & CRT burn-in (sticky) images caused by prolonged display of one or more signals or video games, or other abuse
  • G) All Products that are used in commercial operations or purposes or provided for public use or rental. Televisions with removed or altered serial/model numbers.
  • H) Burnt pixels; black dots or bright points that may appear constantly on a screen of an LCD or plasma TV (LCD & Plasma TVs have up to 2 million colored pixels display; within common industry standards between 1 and 7 burnt pixels will not be considered as a manufacturing defect).
  • I) Spoiled, deformed, or scratched screens and/or reflective coatings on screens and lenses due to misuse or being rubbed by any chemicals or substances.
  • J) Televisions that are installed in an outdoor open area, or either by a swimming pool or in a coffee shop due to harsh environmental effects like high temperature, dust, humidity, or smoke exposure.
  • H) Large Home Appliances, Televisions and items requiring installation can be delivered only AFTER 72 HOURS